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Dr Uditha Liyanage

Marketing expert had the following to say having visited The Jungle Hideout

The sun had set when I reached the Jungle Hideout. In fading twilight, the climb to the bungalow on the winding roads around the mountainous setting in the cool ambiance created the mood and the tone in my mind for a restful holiday I had long for, away from the noise and pollution of city life.

It was only in the morning that I grasped the breathtaking scenic beauty that surrounded the jungle hideout. The weather was comfortably chilly. A multitude of birds of various genres was indeed a highlight. The track to the river lets and the water pools through the jungle in the mid morning was adventurous in as much as it was satisfying. The water was cold; the natural water falls surrounded by forest trees created sounds of silence, which together produced an experience I will cherish for a long time to come.

Seated in the spacious lawn of the well-kept bungalow, I observed in quiet meditation the sunset, and as night fell, one could not but relax and enjoy the compelling beauty and serenity of the silence and space that engulfed the moment.I whole-heartedly recommend the Jungle Hideout to those who value moments of total harmony with nature and, though momentarily let go of the baggage we seem to inevitably carry in our busy lives.

Dr Uditha Liyanage ( PHD )

(Director - Postgraduate Institute of Management- PIM)

Mr Cristopher john watts Australia

Thank you so much. Beautiful place. Done at the creek is lovely site. many herbs and fruits I have seen around jungle hideout .Birds and squirrels too. The staff was the best. Food plenty and good. I like the bath. No mosquitoes here morning sunrise look like haven. Thank you god for this place,

Dr Dehan Gunesakera consultant oncologist with 14 other consultants from Galle hospital.

Thank you for letting us spend a day at jungle hideout. It was well appreciated by all the chaps who went. This will tell you how much we appreciated it. This place seems to be a paradise for birds and I think it should be developed as a good place for bird watching. As much as 29 species (among them a number of endemic species- highlighted) were recorded during a single day, during only a few hours of observation, around the bungalow. There would be many more, judging by the myriad of birdcalls heard in the early morning, and throughout the day.