About us

This echo tourist bungalow & the eco camp is situated in a unique location on a hill top, surrounded by the mighty mulatiyana reserve forest which is in the Singha raja buffer zone. It is not only a bungalow& the camp but 15 acres of land with variety of rain forest trees present at a lengthy distance in this 15 acre land making it a unique location for bird watching. You can enter the forest directly through the Jungle Hide out where you find plenty of natural water pools for bathing and swimming. This bungalow resort is unique that unlike most other resorts this is situated in the jungle on a mountain surrounded by other mountains.

Please note that we are marketing mainly the echo friendly environment free of noise and polluted air. to relax on the hill top garden listing to beautiful melodies of birds.

The bungalow has 4 rooms & one dome with six beds & electricity from the main grid, hot and cold water ,refrigerator, oven , fans.

The camp is a 40 feet X 40feet hall with about 12 camp beds it has two beautiful rooms with a scenic view of the paddy field and the jungle from one room, with one attach toilet and a common toilet(with modern sanitary ware). Electricity from the main grid with fans light fittings. Eco jungle hideout has four separate eco type toilets facing the jungle. The camp could also be used as a lecture hall or for a function. Necessary arrangements could be made for such occasions. This lecture hall will be unique in that you could listen lectures while enjoying the beautiful scenic views surrounding it.

People who wish to visit jungle hideout should visit to enjoy the beautiful natural environment and not expect the five star hotel atmospheres.


Guest are advised to take there own provisions, liquor and cook there own meals. according to there own liking .Resort will provide you with a cook and the other helping staff for this purpose. The hotel cook is an expert of Sri Lankan cru seine but we cannot guarantee that he will be able to prepare all the dishes that different guest require. Therefore, we request you to join our cooking staff for your favourite dish for your maximum enjoyment at jungle hideout. Eco jungle hideout can also provide you with meals according to their own menu.

All necessary cutlery cookery oven, grill and barbecue on the hilltop garden facilities are available.


Water comes from natural water streams situated on hills. This water is clean and free of any contaminants like chlorine. for drinking purposes this water is boiled cooed and presented to you in clay pots for echo friendly refreshing taste. Please note that filters are not used as filtered water is more contaminated than boiled cool water.


Minimum amount of furniture is kept inside the bungalow to prevent crowded feeling and the mental relaxation. The bungalow is kept for you to feel how the ancient tea planters lived in he eco friendly environment using fresh stream water and food and consume food cooked from firewood..

Rooms and toilets

There are four large rooms with two single beds with ceiling fans. There are two attached toilets with modern sanitary ware with hot and cold water facilities and one dome with six beds and three toilets Rooms are not air conditioned as we like you to enjoy the natural breeze coming from the Sinharaja jungle blowing through your rooms. one dome with six beds and five toilets


Satellite TV


There is a about 2 kilometres track through the jungle from the main road. The road is tarred up to the resort and is usually motorable by car, bus or van but during rainy seasons the road must be damaged and preferably travel by jeep or van. You may get information before you travel the condition of the road from the Colombo office from Manjula..


Reservation are usually done through the Colombo office situated at No. 92 wattegedera Road, maharagama. Reservations are accepted only after the full payment for the stipulated period. Cancellations are accepted only before one month of the booked date. Please note that no refund will be made for any cancellations within one month. However an alternative date may be given considering the availability.

Tel: Maharagama Office 011-2851517

Mobile : 077 2284037 or 0772283733 0772283730

Eco jungle hides out 0772283731 or 0772283732

Bird watching

Jungle trekking


This fifteen acre land and its bordering jungle is a wild sanctuary for birds. The setting is ideal for bird watching with the bungalow on the hill top and scattered trees in the hill slopes & the fifteen Acer land. (Refer gust book.)

The bungalow is surrounded by the forest(6000 acres reserve forest in sinharaja buffer zone) visitors have direct access to he jungle from the resort any time of the day .Ideal location for Rain forest researchers.

Eco jungle hideout is surrounded by mountains covered with the jungle giving a ideal setup for mountain climbers.


Play Ground

Natural water pools


Eco jungle hideout has its own play ground for cricket ,volley bal and jogging ect. Cycling is enjoyable in the resort and in the mountain roads. Visitors will have to bring their own bicycles.

The main stream of the jungle passes through Eco jungle hideout which contain many water poles and falls. One may not enjoy this facility in very dry seasons.