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A beautiful crystal clear stream flows through the jungle with its multiple and natural water pools in which one could swim to one’s heart’s content. A range of colourful mountains robed with misty clouds surrounds the bungalow. The whole countryside is a bird’s paradise and is a wild sanctuary for migrating and endamic birds. The enchanting melodies of the birds blended with the rampant noises of the jungle and the rustling noises of the cascading waterfalls breaks the stillness of the environment. Especially a visit to the location on a moon - light night will offer you an unforgettable memories of a lifetime ...

Eco Jungle hideout and bird sanctuary at Mulatiyana Matera (Hundred and ten miles from Colombo) is a secure eco friendly tourist bungalow situated in a 15 acre land, bordering the Mulatiyana ...

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Head Office : No. 92, Wattegedera Road, Mahargama, Sri Lanka
Hotline :+94 765731355 ( Ms. Renu ) / +94 772283731 (Mr. Susantha)
Telephone : + (94) 11 2851517
 Address : Eco Jungle Hideout, Mulatiyana, Mathara, Sri Lanka
 E-Mail : info@ecojunglehideout.com